For.Ma is a leading company in the maintenance, revamping and sales of forging presses and moulding machinery.


We specialise in the maintenance of machinery such as forging presses, friction screw presses, trimming presses and knuckle joint presses. We act as a reliable and certified partner, offering our customers the opportunity to save on the fixed costs of employing specialised in-house personnel.


In addition to maintenance, we are able to carry out retrofitting and revamping services for any type of forging press, either at our shop or at the customer’s site.


With a highly competent technical department, we offer customers assistance, design advice and a sales service for used forging presses and shears. We guarantee the immediate availability of reliable, high-quality machinery.

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Forging press Repairs

Our forging press repair service effectively and quickly solves any problems that may occur with industrial presses.


Our technicians are able to diagnose and repair mechanical, electrical or hydraulic faults in a timely manner, minimising downtime.


We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced repair approaches to ensure that the forging presses are restored to their optimum performance.

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Other Services

In addition to maintenance, repair and sales, For.Ma offers a wide range of complementary services to meet the diverse and complex needs of our customers.


For us at For.Ma, customer satisfaction is a top priority, which is why we are constantly working to improve our services and offer you a complete, competent and reliable partner, able to support you at every stage of your production process.

Our expert advice provides professional support to assess each customer’s specific needs, suggesting customised solutions that optimise production processes.

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Our design expertise allows us to develop innovative and efficient solutions, guaranteeing maximum machine function and performance.

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Our warehouse is stocked with a large selection of high quality forging presses and moulding machinery, available for immediate sale, offering a ready-made solution for your production upgrade.

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Our efficient and reliable logistics guarantee timely delivery of machinery and components, wherever you are.

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Our turning and milling services allow us to produce customised precision parts, guaranteeing the highest quality and accuracy in production processes.

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