Customised solutions for your machinery

We offer a complete revamping and retrofitting service for mechanical presses, providing customised solutions to improve and optimise the performance of existing machines.

Our revamping service focuses on upgrading and optimising critical forging press components such as control systems, drives, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. This modernisation process aims to increase operational efficiency, reduce downtime and improve the quality and overall productivity of the forging presses.

On the other hand, the retrofitting service offers the possibility of upgrading existing forging presses with new technologies and advanced functions, allowing companies to adapt to new production needs and market requirements.

For.Ma’s team of experts will carefully assess the specific needs of each customer, designing tailor-made solutions for them, and ensuring that the upgraded or replaced components integrate seamlessly with existing forging presses.

Attention and care for every detail

Through our retrofitting and revamping service, companies can reduce their investment costs in new machines, extend the service life of their forging presses and significantly improve the competitiveness of their production plant.

Complete Overhauling

We carry out a complete overhaul and in-depth analysis of mechanical forging presses, assessing the condition of components, operational efficiency and structural integrity.

Replacing components

We replace defective or obsolete components with carefully selected, high-quality spare parts to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

Systems update

We optimise forging press performance through the installation of new control devices, advanced software and integration with industrial networks.


We ensure that the forging presses comply with safety and quality regulations by implementing specific safety devices and procedures.

Our mechanical precision at your service

The professionalism of our skilled technicians, supported by a complete, state-of-the-art machine inventory, allows us to offer high-quality machining services for the overhaul of forging presses and mechanical presses.

Through our advanced skills in turning and milling, we are able to restore and improve the performance of forging presses and mechanical presses. Our experienced technicians use modern and precise equipment to perform precision machining, guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting results.

By relying on our company for turning and milling services for the overhaul of forging presses and mechanical presses, you can count on superior quality results and a longer service life for your equipment, thus contributing to the success and productivity of your business.

Are you looking for reliable, high-quality solutions?

Fill out our contact form and put your trust in For.Ma, experts in maintenance, revamping and sales of forging presses and mechanical presses. We will be happy to work with you to offer customised solutions to best meet your production needs.