Used forging presses for sale

The opportunity to optimise your production at affordable prices

Our second-hand forging press sales service offers an advantageous opportunity for companies wishing to purchase quality moulding machinery at a lower cost.

Before selling used forging presses, For.Ma goes through a rigorous process to ensure that the machinery is in excellent condition and fully functional. Thanks to our experienced technicians, we are able to offer companies the opportunity to access high-quality used moulding machinery, enabling them to optimise production and reduce investment costs.

Guaranteed quality: Our process for selling reliable and affordable used forging presses

Through a rigorous and meticulous process, we ensure that every used forging press offered by our company is a reliable and cost-effective choice for companies wishing to optimise their production without having to invest in new machinery.

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Our technical experts carefully examine the used forging press to assess its performance, maintenance and any repair needs.

This evaluation allows us to gain a clear understanding of the condition of the machinery and to identify any problems that need to be resolved prior to sale.

After the initial evaluation, the next step is to repair and upgrade the used forging press, if necessary. Our highly skilled technicians carry out the necessary repairs to restore optimal machine performance.

In addition, upgrades are carried out where appropriate to ensure that the forging press is aligned with current technological standards, thus offering a modern, high-performance machine.

Once repairs and upgrades have been completed, the used forging press undergoes a rigorous cleaning and testing process. This process ensures that the forging press is completely clean and that all components are properly lubricated.

We then perform a comprehensive set of tests to verify that the forging press operates efficiently and reliably, meeting the required quality and performance standards.

Once the evaluation, repair, cleaning and testing process is complete, we are ready to offer companies a superior used forging press. We are proud to provide used moulding machinery that guarantees reliable performance and high production efficiency.

With our attention to detail and care in the process of preparing used forging presses, we offer companies an advantageous opportunity to obtain high-quality machinery at an affordable price.

Friction screw press 1250 ton

Friction screw press Dellavia 1250 ton Diameter of the screw mm 330 Stroke of the ram mm 500 Suitable for […]

Friction screw press 780 ton

Friction screw press Dellavia Screw diameter mm 260 Power 780 ton Stroke of the ram mm 450 Suitable for brass […]

Friction screw press 490 ton

Friction screw press Dellavia 490 ton Screw diameter mm 210 Stroke of the ram   mm 400 Suitable for coining operation, […]

Ficep Friction screw press PVH 160 Ton 170

Ficep Friction Screw press PVH 160

Hydraulic drop Hammer Smeral 8

Forming Energy  kJ 80 Stroke of the ram 600 mm

FICEP billet shear VHS 200

Billet shear for round billet 200 ton with automatic loading table

Electric upsetter Hasenclever HG 315/710

Electric upsetter HG 315/710 Power 315 kVA Minimum diameter 15 mm Maximum diameter 100 mm Lenght of the bar from […]

Friction screw press Dellavia model BASSANO power 360 tons

Dellavia Friction screw press power 360 ton,maximum force 580 tons,stroke of the ram 350 mm, weight of the machine 11.300 […]

Knucle Joint press Schuler 630 ton

Knucle Joint Press 400 ton KB 8336

Forging Rolls Reina

Forging rolls Reina 70

National forging press 1600

Forging Pressa National 1600



Mossini 160 ton

Trimming press 160 ton.

Trimming press Mossini 160 ton

Mossini Press 160 ton.

Forging Press 400 Ton

Hot Forging Press Manzoni 400 Ton.

Hammer MPM 1000

Hammer MPM 1000

Used Muller 3000 ton press for sale

A new press is available for sale. It is a 3000 ton press of the historic Muller brand that can […]

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